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Freaky Fridays: From Condorman to Iron Man

Condorman starred Barbara Carrera who starred with Bette Davis in Wicked Stepmother. Bette Davis starred in Disney’s The Watcher in the Woods.

Bette Davis was in Death on the Nile with David Niven, who starred in Disney’s Candleshoe.

David Niven starred in No Deposit, No Return with Don Knotts.
Don Knotts lent his voice to the film Chicken Little, as did Garry Marshall.
Garry Marshall starred in the movie Soapdish which also featured Iron Man himself- Robert Downey, Jr.

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Theme Park Thursdays: Cool Down!

Looking for a spot to cool off in DISNEYLAND? Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the longer rides and always has the coolest air conditioning in the parks.

If you’re looking for a quicker cool down, try a gift shop that features sweatshirts and jackets. The park will sometimes keep these locations at much lower temperatures to encourage people to try on the merchandise.

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Toontown Tuesdays: Tummy Trouble

Hollywood originally had low expectations for Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Many derided it as another Howard the Duck, a film that fizzled out two years earlier.  The film, however, became a huge hit, taking the box office by storm. Disney and Amblin Entertainment soon rushed to take advantage of the film’s success by putting cartoon shorts into production. The first one was released into theaters one year later before Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

Tummy Trouble featured a sick Baby Herman being rushed to the hospital after swallowing a rattle, much to the consternation of the harried Roger Rabbit. It would be the first of a series of shorts.

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Music Mondays: DISNEYLAND Records Release #12: Dixieland at DISNEYLAND

The twelfth release on the DISNEYLAND label was a return to the Magic Kingdom. The Strawhatters were a band who performed Dixieland style jazz from a stage in Frontierland that was located in what is now New Orleans Square. They also frequently played at the Golden Horseshoe. Guests who enjoyed the band’s music could now take home a record allowing them to feel like they were sitting in the middle of DISNEYLAND.

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