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Mickey Mondays: Mortimer Mouse

When Walt Disney first came up with the idea for his soon to be world famous Mouse, he had what he thought was the perfect name for him- Mortimer Mouse. Luckily for him, his wife Lillian came up with a more marketable name- Mickey Mouse.

Lillian had felt that the name Mortimer sounded too stuck up for a cute little mouse. So when his staff had an idea for a stuck up rival for Mickey, Walt thought back to Lillian’s warnings about using the name Mortimer- and realized that it would be the perfect name for Mickey’s rival.

The character has been used many times throughout the years.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: 20th Century Fox World Coming to the DISNEYLAND Resort!

ANAHEIM, CA- At a lively press conference that featured a cavalcade of Disney characters, the DISNEYLAND Resort announced that its third Anaheim theme park will be called 20th Century Fox World. The new park will be built on the last open space within the sprawling DISNEYLAND Resort, a parcel of land located at the corner of Harbor Blvd. and Katella Ave.

“From the moment we announced our historic takeover of 20th Century Fox, our guests were wondering how we were going to take advantage of these valuable new assets,” noted DISNEYLAND Resort spokeswoman April F. Ewell, “Now they’ll know exactly what we have planned for them- 20th Century Fox World!”

The park will bring the various worlds of 20th Century Fox alive in a 100 acre theme park located just south of the existing DISNEYLAND Resort. “We’re still dreaming up new ideas, but we can share some of our plans with you today,” noted Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger. Among the announced plans:

Soarin’ over Fox will allow park guests to fly over iconic Fox landscapes like the final episode of M*A*S*H, The Simpsons’ Springfield and the garish sets of the notorious Elizabeth Taylor film Cleopatra. 

Guests looking for greater thrills can ride the WKRP In Cincinnati Turkey Drop, an exciting thrill ride that recreates the thrill of being helplessly dropped from an airplane while the ground rushes up to greet you. “Original WKRP cast member Richard Sanders has re-recorded his classic narration from the television series,” noted Ms. Ewell, “Guests will hear it all in clear Dolby Surround as they descend ‘Turkey Tower’!”

Roller coaster fans will find new thrills on what will become the fastest roller coaster at the DISNEYLAND Resort- Beverly Hills, 9021-WHOA! Based on the classic Fox television series Beverly Hills, 90210, The coaster will feature a gigantic Brandon Walsh graphic with onboard speakers playing the show’s iconic theme song.

Park guests of all ages will be able to help the Jeffersonian Institute solve the latest murder in the exciting play area The Bones Yard, based on the popular Fox series Bones. “Is a crime scene an appropriate setting for a theme park attraction? Maybe,” noted Mr. Iger.

The final attraction announced was Stewie’s Good Ship Lollipop, a ride featuring Stewie from Family Guy and an assortment of Shirley Temple animatronics.

“20th Century Fox World will enchant our guests and show Wall Street that we are ready to use the very expensive Fox properties that we have just acquired,” noted Mr. Iger, “That second thing is probably more important.” The Park is tentatively scheduled to open on February 29, 2025.

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Toontown Tuesdays: Gopher

The gopher from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was not actually in AA Milne’s original books. He was added by Walt Disney as a possible replacement for Piglet when the company was considering not using Piglet in the films. At some point, the decision was made to keep Piglet AND Gopher, whose first joke was written by Walt Disney himself- “I’m not in the book, you know!” Referring to both the fact that he was not in AA Milne’s book and also not in the phone book.

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