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Food Fridays: Stouffer’s Plaza Pavilion

In 1964, Walt Disney oversaw a massive expansion of DISNEYLAND’s infrastructure. Upset at the poor reputation that the park’s food service had gotten over the years, Walt Disney removed ABC’s UPI division from running the park’s food service concessions and brought in new sponsors with higher quality reputations. One of which was Stouffer’s, which ran high end restaurants years before it began selling frozen foods. One of the restaurants it ran was the Plaza Pavilion on Main Street. Selling the company’s famed lasagne and spaghetti, the graceful location bumped up DISNEYLAND’s food service reputation and operated under various sponsors for 30 years until it closed as a restaurant in the late 1990’s. The building was used for various non-food purposes for over ten years until it became the Jolly Holiday Bakery, a Mary Poppins themed restaurant.

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National Talk Like A Pirate Day! DISNEYLAND’s Redhead

For decades, the loveliest lass in all of Pirates of the Caribbean was the redhead, who attracted the attention of all the pirates attending the wench auction. With the current social climate, the scene was no longer deemed appropriate for a theme park and the saucy redhead became a piratess herself.

Revisionist history? Hardly. The storyline for the attraction always featured a pirate’s life for the redhead- you just had to know where to look. In the beginning of the ride in DISNEYLAND, the haunted bar frequented by the skeleton crew has always had an interesting painting behind the bar- a close look at the painting shows a familiar sight- the redhead!

Yes, the same redhead from the later scene became a lady pirate- her fate revealed before we see her at the wench auction. The painting was even called “A Sign of Things to Come”. The backstory of the redhead was that she escaped the clutches of the pirates and became a pirate herself. When the attraction was shoehorned into Florida’s Magic Kingdom Park, this scene was not included in the ride.

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Toontown Tuesdays: Mickey By the Years- 1936

In 1936, Disney went meta. In the cartoon short Mickey’s Rival, we are introduced to a pompous character named Mortimer who becomes a rival for Minnie Mouse’s attention.

Why was this meta? Walt Disney originally wanted to name his famous mouse Mortimer. After asking his wife what she thought, she felt the name was pompous and suggested Mickey Mouse instead. When the idea was pitched for an annoying rival for Mickey, Walt had the perfect name- Mortimer Mouse.

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Mickey Mondays: Mickey By The Years- 1935

Silly Symphonies was a separate movie series created by Walt Disney to produce music themed cartoon shorts that weren’t tied to the hugely popular Mickey Mouse, though they were “presented” by him. The series was more ambitious than the Mickey Mouse shorts and was the first to feature the expensive technicolor process in 1933.

The huge success of the Mickey Mouse shorts led Roy Disney to discourage his brother from using the expensive technicolor process to produce them; after all, Mickey Mouse was popular enough, why spend the extra money to make them? Walt Disney, however, was never willing to settle for second best, so in 1935, he was finally able to convince Roy to let him begin producing the Mickey shorts in color. The first was Mickey’s Band Concert.

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