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Freaky Fridays: Fantasia in the 1960’s

Fantasia was considered to be ahead of its time when it was released in 1940. The expensive, revolutionary film would find an audience and acclaim over twenty years later- in the 1960’s. The psychedelic generation would find much to like about the film and often showed up at theaters having enjoyed various hallucinogens. While the normally staid and square Disney Organization never encouraged such indulgences, its publicity department promoted both Fantasia and the similarly trippy film Alice in Wonderland with psychedelic imagery and posters. While it is possible that the company’s art department cluelessly put together the trippy promotional materials, they must have had some idea of what they doing.

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Theme Park Thursdays: Swan Boats

When Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom first opened, the high cost of building its infrastructure forced Roy Disney to scale down its original attraction lineup. (Of course, the project’s initial attraction lineup had already been reduced from what Walt Disney had originally planned.) This didn’t cause much of a problem at first, because the park was sparsely attended in its early days. Unlike DISNEYLAND, which was bursting at the seams from day one, Florida’s Magic Kingdom theme Park was a relative ghost town for several months. Luckily for Roy Disney the crowds eventually arrived, though a new problem arose. The attraction cutbacks meant that the park had a severe capacity problem. 
Several emergency projects were started, including two attractions that were cutback from their DISNEYLAND versions- Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain. Other quickie attractions were put into place, like the Swan Boats.

With a ship bow patterned after a Swan, the boats provided a leisurely tour of the lagoons surrounding the park’s Cinderella Castle. While the attraction was hampered by a lack of scenic views and the rushed nature of construction (the lagoons were not designed for a boat attraction) it did the trick in giving people something else to do in a park that was starved for things to do.

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Walt Wednesdays: Hidden Walt

Many people have heard of a Hidden Mickey, but have you heard of a Hidden Walt? While much rarer, there are several Hidden Walts places throughout the various Disney Theme Parks. One of the most visible Hidden Walts will not be around much longer. Located on Disney California Adventure’s Paradise Pier, the Hidden Walt is meant to depict a familiar looking fire breathing man.

This Hidden Walt will most likely be removed as part of the upcoming “Pixar Pier” retheming of the area.

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Toontown Tuesdays: Donald Duck’s Boat

While most of Mickey Mouse’s friends live in Toontown, Donald Duck lives in Duckberg. He does like to stay close to his friends, however, which is why he keeps a boat docked across the street from Mickey’s house. The houseboat can be toured daily at Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom in DISNEYLAND.

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Minnie Mouse Week: Congratulations, Minnie

Today, almost 90 years after her Hollywood debut, Minnie Mouse will finally be immortalized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

With a laugh that will truly make you smile and a winning personality, Minnie Mouse is number one in the hearts of millions around the world.

Her biggest fan, of course, is Mickey Mouse. Their storybook romance has lasted throughout the years and shows no sign of slowing down. Who owns Mickey’s heart? Who else could it be but Minnie Mouse?

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