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Music Mondays: DISNEYLAND Records Release #14-

Walt Disney presents Folk Songs From The Far Corners was another more experimental release from the label, produced by DISNEYLAND Records’ in-house legendary producer Tutti Camarata. Camarata was given free reign with many of the labels’ second tier releases because Walt Disney wanted to gauge what his family audience might be interested in. This album would actually be quite successful, spawning other folk song releases.

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Disney Trivia Week: EPCOT Center

Who designed EPCOT?

The answer is A. Walt Disney’s original ideas for EPCOT were completely canceled by his brother Roy after Walt passed away. Years later, when the company was planning out ideas for new theme parks, the Disney Imagineers had two of them- Future World and World Showcase. Disney CEO Card Walker became aware of the biggest complaint received at Florida’s Disney World- that guests wanted to visit the EPCOT place they remembered Walt talking about on television. Mr. Walker ordered the team to stop what they were doing and come up with a theme park that could be called EPCOT. The team struggled to find something that could fit the bill. An impatient Card Walker went into Imagineering’s model room and stared at the models for Future World and World Showcase. He pushed them together and decreed that the committee’s existing ideas would be combined to become EPCOT Center.

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Disney Trivia Week: Secrets Revealed

How did Club 33 get its name?

Club 33 got its name because it is located at 33 Royal Street for legal reasons. Walt Disney was insistent that the only place in DISNEYLAND Park that would be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages was Club 33. In order to enforce that prohibition, Club 33 needed its own address.

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Disney Trivia Week: A Secret Club

How did Club 33 get its name?

A. The 33 stands for the original 33 sponsors of DISNEYLAND.
B. 33 is a tribute to Donald Duck, who was created when Walt Disney was 33.
C. For legal purposes, the club is located at 33 Royal Street.

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Disney Trivia Week: Walt Disney’s Joy

Why is DISNEYLAND’s Sleeping Beauty Castle the smallest of the Disney Parks castles?

The Answer is C!

When Walt Disney was building his Magic Kingdom, he often walked through the grounds on his knees to experience it the way a child would. Since the castle was one of the first buildings constructed onsite and it wasn’t originally finished on the inside, Walt Disney made sure that he had enough funds to complete the castle of his dreams. 

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